Rip 'n' Roll Crossbril Hybrid

JO.BRIL Hybrid Blue
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A great all round goggle using the patented RNR combined tear off and roll off system. Perfect for day to day riding and club events.

3 layer comfort fit / non sweat foam; flexible frame; impact resistant lens with anti-fog inner and anti-scratch outer plus non stick super hydrophobic finish to keep your roll film running smoothly; multi silicone lined & fully adjustable strap. All fully loaded goggle packs include the roll off system mounted to the lens, and 2 x standard size (31mm) roll films, 1 mud visor strip and 10 x tear off sheets, plus cloth bag - everything you need to be race ready. Integral tear off fittings on the roll off canisters, give you the option to use tear offs, roll offs, or both - giving you up to 40 clear views per rider.

Fits all adult helmets to our knowledge.

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